Delicious or Nutritious? Josie’s Restaurant

24 Jul

565 3rd Avenue at 37th St
New York, NY 10016

Craving something light to help me detox from the weekend, I decided to try Josie’s Restaurant, a Midtown East eatery that “revels in innovative healthier New American cuisine”.

Ginger grilled calamari

Their Ginger-grilled calamari appetizer came served with pineapples and a red pepper salsa. The grilled pineapples were an interesting and very appropriate addition to the calamari; the red pepper “salsa” however was more like a stew and didn’t seem to add anything to the dish. Perhaps had my meal actually come in 20-35 minutes like they estimated instead of the one and half hours wait time I experienced, the calamari itself would have been more fresh and less soggy. I was looking forward to the main course their Ginger glazed Scottish salmon salad. Let’s just say my level of satisfaction with this meal dropped even further.

Ginger glazed Scottish salmon salad

For an $18 salad I did expect a large portion – which I received – but hoped for a better balance between the ingredients. The few bites of avocado and sprinkle of feta cheese were gone in about four mouthfuls, leaving me with a large piece of salmon and a tub of just romaine and baby arugula. While the salmon was well flavored it was a bit too crispy for my taste. Their pink and creamy dressing was void of any flavor, so I substituted in my own balsamic vinaigrette. There were no visible pumpkin seeds as the menu stated would be included. Needless to say I wasn’t very impressed by any part of this salad and only slightly pleased with my appetizer. I probably won’t be ordering from Josie’s again anytime soon.

TONS of greens, Omega-3s and a grilled version of a fried classic? Not the best tasting meal I’ve ever had but… NUTRITIOUS.


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