Delicious or Nutritious? Havana Central (Times Square)

25 Jul

151 W 46th St (between 6th and 7th)
New York, NY 10036

Seeking a hearty meal that would satisfy me and still leave me with leftovers, I took a look at Havana Central’s Cuban menu. Their affordable prices gave me many options to choose from in the $3-$20 range.

Empanada Sampler
Three cheese, shrimp, chicken

I love, love, LOVE empanadas and was excited to see they offered an Empanada sampler – your choice of three of their six savory fillings. The shrimp sofrito was decent – nothing noteworthy about it but the chicken sofrito packed more flavor and the three cheese was well worth whatever calories one gets from eating a fried cheese patty. For some reason three empanadas just wasn’t enough fried food for me, so I also had sweet potato fries and churros.

Sweet Potato Fries

For $5 the small portion of Sweet potato fries was not really worth it. The order was about a handful, came a bit cold and soggy, and didn’t taste much better than sweet potato fries from any other place. Should’ve ordered the corn. Churros also came as a small portion – three medium sized sticks with a side of caramel sauce and again, decent but not necessarily notable. Both were good enough to order again, but next time I’ll know what to expect.

Sugarcane lime chicken salad

Since the previous night’s Ginger glazed Scottish salmon salad did nothing for me, I tried Havana’s Sugarcane lime chicken salad. For $14.50 the portion size was GREAT with an excellent ratio of mixed greens, avocado, black bean corn salad, red onions, tomatoes and crumbled platanos chips. I requested their house red wine vinaigrette, which did give it a weird taste, leaving me convinced that the standard citrus coconut vinaigrette was a much better pairing. The chicken itself was seasoned and flavored impeccably! This dish even held up the next day as a leftover.

Perfectly flavored chicken and empanadas that rival homemade? Como se dice? DELICIOSO!


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