Delicious or Nutritious? The Great American Health Bar

6 Aug

35 W 57th St (between 5th and 6th)
New York, NY 10019

After hearing about my quest to try every restaurant Seamless will allow, a coworker nudged me to try Great American Health Bar. I was told that most of the meals weren’t too great and there were only two worth trying so I took my coworkers advice and ordered the Rigatoni Salmon.

Rigatoni Salmon

This dish came in a VERY generous portion, and even included a house salad on the side. The salad was nice, but probably would’ve been better if they remembered to include the oil and vinegar I asked for. The past itself was, as my co-worker suggested, great. Their Rigatoni is served with cut up pieces of salmon and spinach evenly distributed throughout and smothered in what they called “a touch of” Pesto and cream pink sauce. Finishing off the dish did require several glasses of water, as it was extremely salty. Having already known this dish would probably be good; as it came recommended by my coworker, I decided to try something no one had had, the Cheese Ravioli.

Cheese Ravioli

Thankfully, the ravioli didn’t have half the sodium as the rigatoni, but still had a ton of flavor. This pasta dish also came with “a touch of” cream and Parmesan, as well as mushrooms, spinach and plum tomato. Even though the ravioli was probably one of the best I’ve had from a non-Italian restaurant, the sauce did not hold up well the next day, turning from cream to oil after two minutes in the microwave.

White pasta covered in an oily/creamy sauce? Probably won’t help me shed any pounds but definitely DELICIOUS!


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