Delicious or Nutritious? AKO Japanese Restaurant

8 Aug


185 E 52nd St (between 3rd and Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10022

I was in the mood for sushi, so I decided to try AKO Japanese Restaurant, but somehow found myself ordering Bento boxes instead.

I decided on the Salmon teriyaki and the Chicken Teriyaki as well as a shumai (steamed shrimp dumpling) appetizer. Perhaps if I’d read through the menu in better detail, I’d have realized the appetizer was very unnecessary.

Salmon teriyaki bento box

AKO’s teriyaki bento boxes came complete with the teriyaki meat and snap peas, edamame, six California rolls, broccoli and carrots, three pieces of shumai and a large side of rice – your choice of white or brown. Oh yeah, there was a side salad served with ginger dressing as well. Each box could easily be turned into two meals, so all together I had the equivalent to four meals and an appetizer… that’s A LOT of food, especially for $35.

House salad with ginger dressing

Although I could barely find the shrimp, the shumai was good and three pieces was definitely more than enough. The salmon was by far better than the chicken, the latter of which lacked much taste without the teriyaki sauce. Both dishes could’ve used a little bit more sauce, especially given the excess rice that was served. The rice alone was pretty good, and almost made me forget that it was healthy brown rice instead of white. As for the side salad, although the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh there was something off about the taste of the dressing. The California rolls were probably my favorite part of the bento box, leaving me assured that although I would’ve had less food, I probably would’ve been just as happy ordering sushi as I originally intended.

Grilled lean meats, vegetables and a brown rice option? NUTRITIOUS!


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