Delicious or Nutritious? Joy Curry

10 Aug

148 E 46th St (between 3rd and Lexington)
New York, NY 10017

In search of a meat and starch type of meal, I decided to order Indian style food, and stumbled upon the moderately priced Joy Curry. Somehow my $38 allowed me to make six, yes SIX chicken and rice entrees.

Chicken curry meal

Though not a complete let down, the Chicken curry meal was just average. Would I eat it again? Perhaps. But while I did enjoy it, it’s not the dish I would recommend when you’re first trying the restaurant. The Tikka masala however, definitely comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Tikka masala meal

This tikka masala was definitely among the best I’ve tried in Manhattan. The balance of tomatoes and masala was impeccable, and went perfectly with the traditional Basmati rice that accompanied this entrée. Having ordered two main courses (a chicken dish served with rice = a main course); I found myself with enough leftover rice to compliment my two “side dishes” (any meat without rice), Chicken hara masala and Chicken chillie.

JC_hara masala and chicken chillie

Chicken hara masala and Chicken chillie sides

Since I somehow ended up not ordering any veggies in this whole meal, the peppers and onions in my Hara Masala and Chicken chillie would just have to substitute. Both dishes were good on their own, but made even better with the mango chutney I’d also ordered.


Four enjoyable chicken stews and Basmati rice? I might have made healthier choices but I’d call these Desi dishes DELICIOUS!


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