Delicious or Nutritious? Good Health Burgers

13 Aug

237 E 53rd St
New York, NY 10022

Having eaten just a salad for lunch, I got VERY hungry VERY early and searched for something light, yet filling. My Seamless search led me to Good Health Burger, where they claim one can ‘stuff their face and feel good about it’.

Chicken chipotle wrap

One of their more famous items, the Chipotle chicken wrap was a wheat wrap filled with spicy chipotle flavored free-range chicken, pico de gallo, shredded cheese and guacamole. While I admit eating spicy chipotle barbeque sauce with guacamole was a bit of an awkward pairing my only complaint is that I was still hungry afterwards so I had to dig into my Fresh herbs salmon.

Fresh herbs salmon

The Fresh herbs salmon was a large piece that came with a mystery medley of delectable herbs served over mashed sweet potatoes with steamed carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. Between the large piece of fish and abundance of nutrient rich veggies, I was full halfway into this dish. Perhaps I should’ve eaten that first and saved the wrap for later?

I loved that the food was delicious, fresh, and filling yet light. I really did stuff my face and feel good about it.

I wish that the chicken wrap came with something more (I didn’t eat the chips since I’m abstaining from fried foods right now) so that I could be full from that meal alone.

Good Health Burger is DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS!


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