Delicious or Nutritious? Pita Grill

20 Aug

1083 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022

Somehow my desire for a salad left me ordering everything but a vegetable, from Pita Grill. I did manage to make a few seemingly healthy options (more veggies than last week) and was able to make a few meals for under $40.

When my food arrived I was already not impressed. If they put as much care into preparing the meal as they did into carelessly stuffing the food into a tight, ripped brown paper bag I knew there wasn’t much to expect. Their poor excuse for packaging continued when I saw that my food came in cheap plastics and aluminum foil. As soon as I looked at the Feta cheese dip, I immediately regretted ordering it.

Feta cheese dip

The Feta cheese dip was slightly whipped with tiny bits of cucumber and tomato throughout. Surprisingly after tasting the dip with the warm pita slices they provided, my tastebuds proved my eyes were wrong. The dip was delectable! The portion size made it very clear that this was meant to be shared, so after a few bites I moved on to my Grilled chicken pita.

Grilled chicken pita

For an extra 25 cents I got a low carb pita, dressed in my choice of sauce (I went with citrus garlic). This wrap was nothing short of DEEVINE! The sandwich contained the perfect balance of ingredients with enough sauce to keep the sandwich flavorful without saturating the bread. By the time I’d finished it I regretted not having ordered another one.

Chicken rice bowl

I didn’t expect the Chicken rice bowl to be as large as it was – this one was definitely a meal for sharing. With feta cheese, chicken and cilantro dispersed through a large bowl of brown rice, this dish was just mediocre. I’d asked for the red wine vinaigrette to be served on the side instead of mixed in and it seems that difference made the bowl a bit drier than it should be. It wasn’t particularly bad, but it was my least favorite of all the dishes – I certainly didn’t enjoy it as much as the Turkey burger.

Turkey burger

Usually I’m apprehensive about trying a plate that doesn’t fit in with the general cuisine of a restaurant. This restaurant clearly specializes in Mediterranean food and a turkey burger isn’t exactly Mediterranean. To my surprise this was one of the best turkey burgers I’d ever had. It came on pita bread and was made of well-seasoned actual ground turkey as opposed to a frozen patty, like I feared I might receive.

I loved that their portion sizes were hearty and I was able to make a few meals out of my four orders.

I wish that they put more effort into the packaging. Don’t they know that presentation is everything?!

Pita Grill is DELICIOUS!


2 Responses to “Delicious or Nutritious? Pita Grill”

  1. Sarah K August 20, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    No way the Turkey Burger compares to Thunder Bar in DC!


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    […] I loved that the rice was full of flavor, and they actually took care in their packaging. […]

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