Delicious or Nutritious? A+ Pad Thai Place

22 Aug

1007 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 207-8008

I hadn’t tried Thai food yet so I took a look at the menu from A+ Thai Place. I decided to go for their Chef’s special Salmon Green and two of my usual Thai dishes – edamame and Pad Thai.

I Love Pad Thai

Both the edamame and Pad Thai were pretty typical. They were both good but nothing made A+ Thai’s version standout from others. As satisfied as I was with these two dishes I was very happy I decided to try the Chef’s special.

Chef’s Special: Salmon green

Served with a side of white rice, the Chef’s special was a large piece of salmon with a few veggies cooked in a green curry sauce. The salmon was cooked well and there was ample curry sauce to complement the rice. A+ gave an option of mild, medium or hot, so unsure of how spicy the food might be I went with mild. After taking my first bite I realized that I’d made the right decision. After taking my first bite I realized that Id made the right decision. Despite being prepared “mild” the dish was very, very HOT!! I probably drank about three bottles of water to finish the whole mea. If this is their version of mild, what does “hot” taste like?

I loved that the salmon dish was so hearty. The portion was well worth $16 and I was able to save some leftovers.

I wish that the Pad Thai were more memorable. It’s usually one of my go-to dishes and was decent but it didn’t impress me much.

A+ Thai Place is DELICIOUS!


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