Delicious or Nutritious? Blockheads

27 Aug

954 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022
(212) 750-2020

Waiting too long to eat pretty much ALWAAYS leads to me making bad decisions and thus, one night, I found myself ordering from Blockheads. Most people frequent this Manhattan chain for their cheap margaritas and coronas. This would be my first time tasting their food.

Create your own quesadilla

I created my own quesadilla with just salsa cruda, grilled chicken and of course, cheese. It came as one large tortilla sliced in two. I wish I had more to say but it was just a plain quesadilla, nothing more, nothing less. After that unadventurous appetizer I was excited to try something that sounded more intriguing – the Jamaican jerk chicken burrito.

Jamaican jerk chicken burrito

I was a bit surprised that they served a Jamaican jerk chicken burrito – they’re famous for their coronas and margaritas so I automatically think all Mexican. This particular dish proved venturing out was a bad ideas. While I admire the creativity – jerk chicken with rice (I subbed brown rice free of charge), wrapped in a curry tortilla; it was a classic example of when something seems good in theory, but turns out bad in application. Blockheads should stick to Mexican fare, as those items, such as the Mexican chicken wrap, were much better.

Mexican chicken wrap

The Mexican chicken wrap was a cross between a burrito and a wrap. Grilled chicken with shredded lettuce, salsa cruda, Monterey jack cheese and guacamole with balsamic vinaigrette wrapped in agrilled tortilla. This combination worked! It was my favorite of the three with the guacamole and vinaigrette combo making the sandwich extra flavorful and juicy. I also had the option of either a side salad or rice and beans – I chose rice and beans and was, yet again with this meal, disappointed. Although I probably wouldn’t go to Blockheads just for food; but if I’m ever there drinking and get hungry this is probably the only thing I’d order.

I loved that it was so affordable and they had lots of options.

I wish that they put more care into their food.

Blockheads is NEITHER delicious or nutritious.


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