Delicious or Nutritious? Ethos

29 Aug

901 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 888-4060

The previous night’s binge left me craving (and NEEDING) a nice salad so I ventured to Ethos, where I discovered I could not only get a traditional Greek salad but a prix-fixe meal for $20!

Calamari grilled

Since I’d stretched my dollars with the prix-fixe meal (salad, entrée and soda), I also ordered Calamari grilled. I was really excited for this – I was trying to avoid fried foods and have had good grilled calamari before – but this time it did not meet my expectations. Yes calamari should be generally bit squishy, but this tasked like pure burnt rubber. I was glad I had my salad to look forward to!

Elliniki Salata

In my haste to dig into the salad I busted the container open and dropped the entire Elliniki Salata (salad) on the floor! Yes, the entire thing. So as pretty as it looks, I’ll never know how it was supposed to taste.


Between my two failed attempts at appetizers I just couldn’t deal with being let down by the Solomos (salmon with rice). Thankfully I was not! The generously sized salmon portion was cooked well and full of flavor. It was a bit crispy on the ends but not too much. The only change I would have made is to add additional lemons on the side. The ¼ wedge they provided gave the meal extra flavor but it just wasn’t enough for the huge plate.

I loved that the rice was full of flavor, and they actually took care in their packaging.

I wish that the Grill calamari hadn’t tasted like burnt rubber.



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