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Delicious or Nutritious? Atomic Wings

28 Sep

1495 1st Ave
New York, NY
(212) 772-8400

With no idea what to eat I decided to try a Manhattan cheap favorite – Atomic Wings. I was actually surprised by how the food came out.

Boneless wings combo meal

Even though I was trying to be healthy I couldn’t order from Atomic Wings and not get wings. I’d be highly upset if they weren’t good at their namesake – but after tasting these wings I see how they stay in business! I went for the boneless wings combo meal which came with waffle fries (don’t judge me!).

Grilled chicken wrap

I should probably know better than to try and order healthy from a fast food restaurant, but I still went for a Grilled chicken wrap with Italian dressing (they didn’t have balsamic). There was WAY too much white lettuce – I wasn’t happy with the chicken to lettuce ratio at all.

Chicken mesclun salad

Their Chicken mesclun salad was surprisingly pretty good! I asked for no goat cheese, but somehow little chunks made their way into my meal. Overall I was pretty pleased with this salad.

I love that they had healthy options. In a county where healthy = expensive and widely inaccessible it’s nice to see a fast food spot that allows you to choose being healthy. I wish that they improved the quality of lettuce in their wraps. Where are dark leafy nutrient filled greens?

Atomic Wings is DELICIOUS and surprisingly, if you pick properly, NUTRITIOUS!


Meet me at Madison Square Eats

27 Sep

One of the things I miss most about working near Madison Square Park is their biannual Madison Square Eats event. Twice a year some of the best food trucks and restaurants on wheels gather on the West Side of Madison Square Park to offer the best small bites one can find for generally under $10.
Here’s a list of trucks you should try:

Bar Suzette – Mmm. Nutella and banana crêpes!

Wafels & Dinges – Since it’s on a waffle you can justify having whipped cream or chocolate for breakfast!

Calexico -If you’re too hungry for small desserts try their burrito. It’s affordable and will keep you full!

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis – They offer discounts when you purchase three or more. Trust me, you’ll want at least three!

Madison Square Eats runs seven days a week  from now until Friday October 19th. Take the N, R, or 6 to 23rd Street.

Visit for a complete listing of participating vendors.

Wednesday Wisdom

26 Sep

Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself

Delicious or Nutritious? Mint

26 Sep

150 E 50th St
New York, NY 10022
(212) 644 -8888

I first passed by Mint a few months ago on my way from a different restaurant and knew I had to try it. You can imagine my excitement when I found out they were on Seamless! I decided to go for a few of my Indian favorites, samosas and naan.

Chicken samosas

I haven’t had a chicken samosa this good in a LOONG time. My issue with “high end” “ethnic” restaurants is that they tend to favor their high-end status over honoring the cuisine they are cooking. Even though they definitely took some of the homemade quality out this appetizer, it was still really good.

Rosemary naan

I LOVE naan, and was so happy the day I discovered garlic flavored naan that I thought trying their Rosemary naan might be a good idea – WRONG. It wasn’t very soft and the rosemary didn’t seem to add any flavor. The bread was filled with the spice which just kind of fell all over the place – NOT impressed. Its only saving grace was having it with Murgi taltolla.

Murgi taltolla

My go-to chicken at an Indian restaurant is either Tikka masala or curry, but this time I decided to try something new. The Murgi taltolla was pretty decent. It wasn’t great, wasn’t bad, just decent. I would try it again but its not on my must-have list.

I love that they have chicken samosas – not all restaurants offer chicken. I wish that the food had a little more of a personal touch to it.

Mint is somewhat DELICIOUS.

Brooklyn’s Sweethearts: Brooklynettes premiere new uniforms

25 Sep

New York’s newest sports team, the Brooklyn Nets recently unveiled the uniforms their dance team will be wearing.

Needless to say, these designs are inspired by the edgy reputation that the city of New York, more specifically the borough of Brooklyn, has always had. The ladies are wearing deep cut V-necks with shorts in, of course, black and white. On they’re feet they don high tops and heeled biker girl boots, and for accessories, sweatbands and fingerless leather gloves.  While most athletic dance teams favor girls with long flowing hair, the Brooklynette’s even dare to feature a dancer  with a Rihanna-esque pixie cut.  EVERYTHING about their look screams, “We’re not like the rest of America”.
Traditionally, most professional cheerleaders look more like this:

Affectionately known as “America’s Sweethearts” these Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders wear bosom/midriff  revealing tops and underwear barely there bottoms. The tiny clothing leaves no room for words, just a few simple stars in a blue hue that let you know who’s team they’re on. As for accessories just white flat cowboy boots will do. Their beauty routine?  Long flowing feathered hair, pink lips and rosy cheeks with Texas-sized smiles. This is a stark contrast to what seems to be the Brooklynette signature smoky eye and tough girl scowl.

Celebrity Costume Designer David Dalrymple  designed the Brooklynette’s outfits, and perhaps that’s why they look like, well, cheap Halloween costumes.
Of the seven different looks in the collection Dalrymple says, “This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn. It’s a different sensibility. We go hard.” He also adds that they “needed to find that bridge of street fashion that can actually work on the court.”

We get it, Brooklyn girls are known  for being a little rough around the edges but Dalrymple could’ve done more to combine street with sweet. Perhaps a little less black, losing the tomboy accessories, showing some midriff or just a more feminine shoe would soften their look. Right now their tough appearance is far from what most other professional dance teams resemble.

But then again, ain’t nothing like a Brooklyn girl. 🙂