Delicious or Nutritious? Texas Rotisserie & Grill

7 Sep

Texas Rotisserie & Grill
1315 1st Ave
New York, NY 10021

I love eating light meals but sometimes a simple salad just isn’t enough to get you through the day. I found myself ordering from Texas Rotisserie Grill for a hearty American meal.

Quarter chicken meal (white meat)

I chose the whipped sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese sides to accompany my Quarter chicken (white meat) meal. To my surprise, I was much more impressed with the sweet potatoes than the macaroni and cheese! A lot of times I’ve had sweet potatoes that tasted like, well, a healthy vegetable – but Texas Rotisserie’s had a lot more flavor, maybe they added a bit of sugar?

Whatever it is it’s GREAT! The macaroni and cheese was a bit too creamy for my taste (I generally prefer mine baked) and definitely needed a dash of salt and pepper. As for the chicken itself, I was very pleased! It was seasoned just right, and managed to retain all its flavor and moisture. I wish I could say the same for the salmon.

Baked salmon meal

There are two salmon meal choices – Baked salmon or Blackened salmon. I’m not a huge fan of blackened food so I went with baked. Much to my dismay the salmon was VERY crispy and dry. I was hoping the accompanying Yellow rice and Honey baked beans would make up for it – I was only partially right. The Honey baked (pork-free) beans were pretty good, but the yellow rice was blech! They reminded me of when you first try to cook a new dish – the first 3-5 tries don’t turn out quite right but eventually you get it. These tasted like try #2.


In an effort to insert more veggies into my diet I also ordered a small side of Steamed broccoli. It was steamed perfectly and even held up well the next day – no salt, pepper or butter needed!

Cinnamon raisin apples

In lieu of a real dessert I ordered a large side of Cinnamon Raisin Apples. I specifically ordered a large because I usually LOVE this side and thought a small might not be enough. Again to my dismay it wasn’t that great. The cinnamon flavor was there but it seemed as if they’d flavored it with cinnamon but forgot to add a little sugar. Not impressed.

I love that they had so many options. You can choose healthier food or stick to your less healthy American favorites.

I wish that some of the food tasted better. Most of the choices were hit or miss.

Texas Rotisserie & Grill is kinda delicious and somewhat nutritious.


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