Delicious or Nutritious? Tao

12 Sep

42 East 58th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 888-2288

I HAD to get a better taste of midtown’s Thai, so I decided to try the upscale restaurant/lounge Tao.

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

You generally can’t go wrong with chicken skewers so I went with the Satay of Chicken with peanut sauce appetizer. I usually LOVE Thai peanut sauce and this was no exception! After I finished my three skewers, which were covered in nuts but great by themselves – I wished I had more so that I could polish off the peanut sauce.


Pad Thai

Once again I attempted Pad Thai Noodles, with chicken. I’m used to fancy yet bland and expensive bite size dishes for a lot of money – but surprisingly this plate was well worth the $19 they charged. It came with ample chicken and a few pieces of tofu and mushrooms mixed in, both of which I personally could’ve done without.

I loved that the portions were so big. I had more than half of the Pad Thai leftover for a later meal. I wish that it were more affordable so I could try more food. $14 for an appetizer?!



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