Delicious or Nutritious? Amber

19 Sep

381 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-6388

In search of sushi, I found myself ordering from Amber – an Asian cuisine and cocktail lounge. Even though the menu was a bit expensive I was able to find a prix-fixe meal for $20!

The Spicy Thai Green Curry Value Meal came with either veggies, shrimp or chicken (I chose the latter), an appetizer (I went with tropical wings) and a soda.


The wings were BANGING! Even though I couldn’t pinpoint what type of seasoning was used I could tell the medley was just right! I found myself wary and intrigued by the peanut sauce they offered with the wings – I’ve never heard of chicken and peanut butter together, but was happy to see it was a good combination.

Spicy Thai Green Curry (Chicken)

The curry chicken itself had bits of chicken similar to the type served at a Chinese restaurant with chicken and broccoli. It was pretty good, but I did kind of wish I went with the shrimp.

Field Greens

The Field greens with ginger dressing was literally just field greens with ginger dressing. For $5 I know I shouldn’t expect TOO much but I was hoping for maybe two cherry tomatoes or a few pieces of shaved carrots. Having only spent $20 on this 3-course meal, I still had a little extra left over to order a sushi roll.

Shrimp Tempura

Luckily the shrimp tempura rolls did a much better job of living up to my expectations. I went with the optional brown rice on an inside out roll and was not let down!

I love that they offer a value meal. I wish that the “salad” had more to it than just greens.

Amber is DELICIOUS and if you choose correctly, NUTRITIOUS.


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