Delicious or Nutritious? Casaville Restaurant

24 Sep

633 2nd Ave
New York, Ny 10016
(212) 685- 8558

My coworker was craving Moroccan food so I went for the only option available on Seamless – Casaville Restaurant. I’d never had “Moroccan” food before but luckily it’s pretty similar to Spanish and Italian food, with it’s own flavor of course.


As an appetizer I went with what seems to be one of my favorites, calamari. Usually I’m happy with a little lemon slice and some marinara sauce but their version came with RIDICULOUSLY hot peppers! Thankfully the peppers added great flavor, but I definitely needed some water. Even though the calamari was really good (just slightly overcooked) it wasn’t half as good as my other appetizer.


The other appetizer I had is also one of my Italian go-tos: Bruschetta. Casaville Bruschetta is a HUGE mound of tomato, onions and herbs, served over four small pieces of roasted bread. This portion was large enough that you could tell it was meant for two, and despite being full from the calamari, I forced myself to finish the whole plate. Eating two appetizers left almost no room for my Petite Paella.

Petite Paella

Once again I found that this otherwise familiar dish was delicious, just had a different taste. Even though this was the “petite” version, I feel like it could comfortable serve two or three. How large is the normal size?

Chocolate brownie sandwich

With just a little room for dessert, I decided to try their Chocolate brownie sandwich. I know that ordering frozen dessert for delivery is risky so I wasn’t completely surprised that the ice cream came melted, but I did hope they had some sort of preventative measure to keep it cool. Why would you offer frozen dessert on your delivery menu if you don’t have a way to keep it cold? I could still tell that it would have been good if the ice cream didn’t melt.

I love that the portions were plenty and each Moroccan dish was similar to food I’m already familiar with but had it’s own twist.

I wish that the paella wasn’t so heavy.

Casaville is DELICIOUS!


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