Fiesta’s Finds: Fou-dre Vodka

25 Sep

Nothing helps me cheer to the freakin weekend like a smooth vodka cocktail. I was overjoyed to hear about the launch of a new way to indulge, Fou-dré Vodka.

Foudre Vodka

Even if I wasn’t a vodka lady, I might purchase this spirit to have the pretty bottle in my house. Until now, Patron and Nuvo were the drinks of choice in a stylishly unique bottle. This isn’t just some cool design – the lightning shape compliments the name, “foudré” is French for lightning.

Suggested ways to enjoy Fou-dré:

Neat – it’s definitely smooth enough to enjoy in a small rocks glass. Have it with ice or just take a shot!

Sangria – Foudré goes down easy – so you’ll barely notice you’re drinking vodka and not white wine.


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