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Wednesday Wisdom

31 Oct

Fashion changes but style endures


Delicious or Nutritious? Alfonso’s House of Lasagna

31 Oct

120 East 40th St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 682-0310

Italian is my favorite food, and a surefire way to ensure my order lasts more than one meal. I found myself looking at Alfonso’s House of Lasagna, where my $40 got me two appetizers and an entrée.


I was a bit let down when I opened my first appetizer – Bruschetta. It’s one of my favorites and I was shocked to see the flat soft and soggy bread it was served with – where’s my Italian bread? Nonetheless I cut it with my knife and was surprised at how great it tasted! The “sogginess” I initially felt was actually just olive oil and the tomatoes were super fresh. I quickly inhaled the entire dish before moving onto the Bocconcini Fritti.

Bocconcini Fritti

I couldn’t resist the Bocconcini Fritti, or “mozzarella sticks” if you prefer, and I’m glad I didn’t! There were actually ball shaped but still tasted magnificent! I was even more impressed that I could tell the sauce was fresh and homemade. I wish I ordered something else with sauce in it!

Pollo alla Fiorentina

Instead of another sauce filled dish I wen with the Pollo alla Fiorentina. This fried piece of chicken came in a bed of spinach with a potato and a side salad (yay for double veggies!!). Like the rest of my meal, the side salad was awesome. I normally don’t even eat potatoes often, but this was worth every calorie!

I love that the sauce was authentic. Good Italian food is hard to come by in Midtown. I wish that I tried more of their entrees!!

With it’s fresh ingredients and great sides Alfonso’s House of Lasagna is DELICIOUS!

Honey, Help Me! The Angel Ball in NYC

30 Oct

A lot of celebs are fortunate enough to have stylists that make sure they’re always well dressed. Unfortunately, celebs also have too many yes-men – people who are afraid to tell them they’re making a bad decision.

Between stylist and yes-men sometimes Hollywood’s finest step out in looks that stun us. Other times they step out in looks that just scream, “Honey, Help Me!”

Singer-songwriter Estelle at the Angel Ball in NYC

Estelle, darling, what were you thinking? Her color scheme is GREAT – green and black with gold earrings but this is not the way to mix a print. Doing an animal print in a different color is fun and creative, but stick to one trend at a time! She didn’t need to add a belt, fur bottom, cutout and embellishment to the black. Less is more. If she’d stick to just the leopard print and get rid of the other trends this would be perfect.

Socialite Kim Kardashian at the Angel Ball in NYC

One of my favorite things about Kim Kardashian‘s style is that she knows what looks good on her, but she still isn’t afraid to take risks. This lady’s got chutzpah – and it usually serves her well, but not this time. She did well with the on trend cobalt blue, and was sure to cinch that waist with the belt but this dress  is cut WAY too loose. The bat sleeves add  too much bulk and the double leg slit is just too much. A fitted top half and single slit would make this dress a knockout.

Music Producer Nile Rodgers at the Angel Ball in NYC

It’s generally harder for men to look bad, you buy a suit, have it tailored and get a fresh cut and shave right before your big event. Which is why I’m surprised  Nile Rodgers seems to have overlooked this final step in his preparation – the hair. I’m not sure if he’s concealing an overdue twisting appointment or dye job but this dollar store bandana is not an appropriate way to do so. He should have either scheduled a touch-up in time for this event or find a classier wrap to conceal his roots.

Chrianna taught me: 5 lessons to learn from this ongoing drama

29 Oct

I’m convinced that Chrianna’s stardom and troubled relationship was an elaborate set up created by the universe to teach America a few lessons. Had they not both been famous, and had this tumultuous rollercoaster ride in the public eye, many people wouldn’t be aware of a number of social issues including the prevalence of domestic violence, particularly amongst the youth, and society’s reluctance to see a man as responsible for his own actions. While there are sooo many lessons to learn from this escapade here are the top five:

CELEBRITIES ARE REAL PEOPLE. They get coffee like us, they ride bikes like us, they take their kids to the zoo like us and they act irrationally – like us. Sometimes it hurts my heart the way people scrutinize celebrities and say things they’d never dare say to the average person’s face. RiRi was harshly criticized for admitting her feelings for her abusive ex, but we forget that it they were just Robyn and Chris from 125th & St. Nicholas – the entire scenario would’ve been EXACTLY THE SAME, except she’d have taken him back in less than three weeks instead of three years.

THE REBOUND NEVER WINS. It doesn’t matter if you’re the crowned prince of R&B or the crowned prince of England – when outsider force you to leave the one you really love because it “doesn’t look right”, the rebound relationship will never work. You’ll keep trying to get back with your ex and they’ll keep trying to get back with you – despite the new flame, media backlash or two kids. Since you’re still so hung up on this past relationship, the new flame will never get the proper attention they deserve. You’ll end up hurting him/her and maybe even eventually go back to the ex your hung up on.

IT’S NORMAL TO COPE IN UNHEALTHY WAYS. Rihanna’s been called everything but a child of God for her Twitter outspokenness towards rude commenters, alleged relations with multiple stars, and other seemingly wild behavior. Any psychologist worth their salt will tell you these are typical behaviors for abuse victims and people experiencing loss. Rihanna’s post “incident” actions are a great relatable reference for discussion in psychology class.

ONE MISTAKE CANCELS OUT 100 TRIUMPHS. Michael Jackson has 13 Grammys, more AMAs than any other artist and the best-selling album of all time, but when he died in 2009 people STILL remembered him as a child molester – despite never being found guilty of those accusations. It boggles my mind that Chris Brown actually thought he would go on that Good Morning America interview and not have to answer questions about “the incident” after only a year. Unfortunately, the public is not quick to forget about any scandal they can connect to your name. You can do 100 great things but the second you make one decision that’s socially unacceptable it trumps EVERYTHING else you’ve ever done. Just ask Nelly.

YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU. The recent social media rants from both ladies involved with Chris Brown seem to suggest neither is too happy with Brown’s relationship with the other woman. So how does he get away with allegedly dating both even though the ladies clearly aren’t happy about it? Because they let him. Tabloids have him leaving one lady’s hotel at night, and then cuddled up at a party with the other the next day. Meanwhile, Rihanna and Karreuche exchange subliminal mean messages directed to each other on social media. Their actions – allowing him into their lives knowing he’s still seeing the other, and directing their anger towards the other girl, instead of him are a way to say, “It’s okay for you to do what you want with who you want. I won’t leave you, and I won’t punish you.” Something tells me if they both said “I want nothing to do with you as long as you’re with her,” he’d make a decision quick.

There are a number of other lessons and examples found in the Chrianna story, especially when you include Karreuche Tran in the picture – these are just four major ones. I do hope that young people who keep up with this crazy love triangle are able to learn lessons and avoid some of this drama on their own. More importantly, I hope the three people involved in this real life novella can sort things out before they ruin their personal and professional lives any further.

Delicious or Nutritious? Aoki Japanese Restaurant

26 Oct

234 W 48th St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 956-2355

In search of sushi, I found myself at Aoki Japanese Restaurant for my usual rolls and something more. I was happy to discover that my $40 covered two rolls, Japanese curry chicken and a soft shell crab!

Eel and Avocado Roll, Salmon Roll

Thankfully the sushi was great! It was an appropriate temperature for sushi, nice and chilled and the avocado with eel combination worked wonders. Their salmon roll was decent; although there was nothing special to say about it. Lucky for me, these are two rolls I normally order and didn’t expect any disappointments.

Japanese curry chicken

I decided to try their Japanese curry chicken. Love Indian, Thai, and Jamaican curry so this should be no different right? Wrong.

I expected it to taste similar to Thai green curry, but it was actually more like Jamaican – it even had potatoes. The chicken itself was overcooked and the sauce was very lumpy. NOT IMPRESSED.

Soft shell crab

I’ve worked at several upscale restaurants where Soft shell crab was sometimes featured as a special, and it ALWAYS sold out. Naturally I ordered the appetizer to find out what all the fuss was about. After tasting the dish I understand the demand! IT reminded me of shrimp tempura but a lot softer. The accompanying barbecue type flavored sauce complemented it well also, it was just a tad thick.

I love the eel and avocado roll and the affordable soft shell crab. I wish they didn’t attempt to make curry chicken. 😦

With affordable delicacies, Aoki Japanese Restaurant is generally DELICIOUS!