Delicious or Nutritious? Aquamarine

3 Oct

713 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 297-1880

In need of something semi-healthy I went for sushi from Aquamarine. For under $40 I was able to get three maki rolls (all with brown rice) and Salmon teriyaki. Score!

The delivery man made it to me in 20 minutes with a surprisingly small bag for all that I’d ordered. To my surprise, and relief, my maki rolls all came in the same package.

Tuna, Salmon and Eel avocado maki rolls


I haven’t had eel cucumber rolls in a while, so there’s nothing vivid to compare it to. This roll didn’t leave much of an impression on me. Can’t say I’d order it again.

I usually look forward to salmon or tuna rolls when I try a new place. They’re like the peanut butter and jelly of sushi – can’t go wrong with that right? NEGATIVE! Both rolls appeared to be cooked properly but why were they served at room temperature. Something, maybe the FDA, tells me I can’t eat that and expect to feel great the next day. So glad I also got Salmon teriyaki.

Salmon teriyaki

Most Salmon teriyaki dishes I’ve had come with a small portion of salmon, Asian vegetables and rice. I was happily surprised to see a salmon STEAK instead! My glee subsided when I bit into the salmon. It tasted like something I could have cooked myself. While I am a pretty good cook, part of the reason you order out is to have food that’s BETTER than what you’re capable of making on your own. It was still pretty good – I just prefer something slightly fancier.

I love that they conveniently package everything to be smaller so that you don’t have a pound of garbage after you eat. I wish that the sushi wasn’t so warm – that CAN’T be healthy can it?

Aquamarine is NUTRITIOUS.


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