Fashion risk: Repurposing a printed bustier

4 Oct

Mixing prints can be hard. It’s arguably the easiest fashion risk to get wrong. Leave it to Solange Knowles, the queen of prints, to get it right in her “Losing You” video.

First Solange takes this intricate top and pairs with equally busy highwaist hotpants in a contrasting color and dares to add a green/grey striped cropped cardigan with flower details to this already busy ensemble. How does this work? The base colors in her bustier and shorts, deep blue and gold, work together even without the prints. Each layer she has on from the bustier to short shorts to cropped cardigan is small with small prints. This way no print overshadows the others or makes them look out of place.

Next she pairs the bustier with a large print suit. How does this work? The oversize suit dominates the look, but it’s dark details, a black base and black lining, help distract from the bustling bustier.

Did Solange nail it both times? Which look  works best?


6 Responses to “Fashion risk: Repurposing a printed bustier”


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