Delicious or Nutritious? ABA Turkish Restaurant

12 Oct

325 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019
(212) 655-9368

I’d just had GREAT Mediterranean food two days before, and was pretty anxious for a repeat performance so I went for ABA Turkish restaurant.

Shepherd salad (small) with a side of bread

I love diced tomatoes, cucumbers with olive oil and fresh herbs so ABA’s small Shepherd salad with a side of bread, for an extra 75 cents, was an obligatory choice. The salad was great, although the large chunks force you to take smaller bites and the taste of the cilantro was a bit overpowering.

Chicken adana kebab wrap

Their Chicken adana kebab wrap was a slight disappointment. It had huge chunks of tomato, like the shepherd salad, and lettuce on one side with the chicken on the other. It would have been nice to take a bite into the sandwich and not have to choose between a mouthful of lettuce or the Turkish spiced chicken. Even though I wasn’t too impressed so far, I was happy to get to my Salmon dish.

Salmon with salad

Recently I’ve been very disappointed with the salmon dishes I’ve received, but ABA managed to fix all that. I was weary about the accompanying salad, since side salads can often be disappointing so I was shocked and delighted at how great this was! Apparently all ABA’s veggies come in huge portions and they provided the right amount of oil and vinegar for this salad. As for the salmon itself? Cooked PERFECTLY at medium well, contained minimal seasoning but packed maximum flavor. Even though the portion was large enough, ESPECIALLY with the salad, I wanted more simply out of greed! If I ever order from here again this will be it!

I love that the salmon with salad was so great. I wish that their vegetable portions didn’t come so large.

Infusing the right amount of flavor and an abundance of vegetables, ABA Turkish Restaurant was DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS!


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