Delicious or Nutritious? Rosa Mexicano

17 Oct

One of my good friends LOVES Rosa Mexicano, so with her in mind, I decided to give this expensive eaterie a try. I think I have an idea of why she’s so obsessed.

Enchilada de Mole Poblano (Chicken)

Their $20 entrees meant no room for an appetizer, so I just went with the Enchiladas de Mole Poblano (chicken). The meal came with a side of rice, refried beans and a dollop of both guacamole and sour cream – I forewent the sour cream as usual.

This mole was a bit spicier than I’m used to but the taste was still on point. It actually left me full enough that I couldn’t finish the rice and beans.

The beans were a disappointment as refried beans usually are to me, but the rice wasn’t too bad. They didn’t advertise it as brown rice but the texture reminded me of brown rice – maybe they snuck it in?

Churros en bolsa

I still had a little money for dessert, so I went with the Churros en bolsa. The order had about eight small chubby churros and three different dipping sauces – caramel, chocolate and raspberry guajillo. I highly suggest only eating the caramel.

I love that the food was so filling and the packaging was nice. I wish that they had healthier options.

With its spicy and filling chicken dishes, Rosa Mexicano is DELICIOUS!


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