Delicious or Nutritious? Alfonso’s House of Lasagna

31 Oct

120 East 40th St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 682-0310

Italian is my favorite food, and a surefire way to ensure my order lasts more than one meal. I found myself looking at Alfonso’s House of Lasagna, where my $40 got me two appetizers and an entrée.


I was a bit let down when I opened my first appetizer – Bruschetta. It’s one of my favorites and I was shocked to see the flat soft and soggy bread it was served with – where’s my Italian bread? Nonetheless I cut it with my knife and was surprised at how great it tasted! The “sogginess” I initially felt was actually just olive oil and the tomatoes were super fresh. I quickly inhaled the entire dish before moving onto the Bocconcini Fritti.

Bocconcini Fritti

I couldn’t resist the Bocconcini Fritti, or “mozzarella sticks” if you prefer, and I’m glad I didn’t! There were actually ball shaped but still tasted magnificent! I was even more impressed that I could tell the sauce was fresh and homemade. I wish I ordered something else with sauce in it!

Pollo alla Fiorentina

Instead of another sauce filled dish I wen with the Pollo alla Fiorentina. This fried piece of chicken came in a bed of spinach with a potato and a side salad (yay for double veggies!!). Like the rest of my meal, the side salad was awesome. I normally don’t even eat potatoes often, but this was worth every calorie!

I love that the sauce was authentic. Good Italian food is hard to come by in Midtown. I wish that I tried more of their entrees!!

With it’s fresh ingredients and great sides Alfonso’s House of Lasagna is DELICIOUS!


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