Delicious or Nutritious? Connolly’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

2 Nov

150 E 47th St
New York, NY 10017

I needed food FAST, so I ordered from Connolly’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Midtown. I was glad to see my $40 got me an appetizer, entrée and lava cake dessert – yum!

Boneless buffalo wings

Their Boneless buffalo wings came either mild, spicy or sweet & spicy – I plated it safe with mild. They were delicious and yes they used real chicken, but I soon realized I should’ve gone for spicy. Mild just didn’t have enough kick.

Brendan burger with lettuce, tomato and onions

A Brendan burger was the closest I could get to a standard cheeseburger – beef, three cheeses with lettuce, tomato, etc. at your request – served with disgustingly dry fries. The oversized burger seemed a bit chargrilled, as most burgers from Irish restaurants are, but was still good nonetheless.

Chocolate lava cake

I was overly eager for the Chocolate lava â la mode but was quickly let down once I tasted it. Usually chocolate lava cake has a magical taste to it, something that makes you forget how many calories you’re taking in and leave you craving more. This however was just great cake, without the magic. The lava was pretty non-existent. It looked more like a slight chocolate glaze spread lightly on the cake. It was great as far as cake goes but for chocolate lava I’ve had, and expected, better.

I love that the portions were so hearty. I wish that the cake lived up to my expectations, or that they’d marketed it differently.

With hearty portions of real meat and well-baked dessert Connolly’s is DELICIOUS!


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