Delicious or Nutritious? Figaro Bistro

7 Nov

959 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10022
(212) 207-4795

Sometimes there’s a fine line between an “Italian” restaurant and an “American” one. A lot of “American” food is rooted in Italian favorites and although Figaro Bistro touts itself as an Italian eaterie, its menu seemed to be more classic American.

Grilled marinated chicken

I figured you can’t go wrong with a Grilled marinated chicken sandwich right? Ehh. The sandwich had two LARGE pieces of chicken with diced tomatoes and onions on top with balsamic vinegar soaked into the bread. It was much thicker than I expected, making it hard to take a bite, and there was a lot of bread but the chicken and tomatoes were good themselves.

Sweet potato fries

I didn’t realize the sandwich came with french fries so I ordered a side of sweet potato fries. They were dusted with flour but a little soggier than fries should be. Not too great.

Grilled chicken and shrimp

From their entree selection I went with their Grilled chicken and shrimp. Again, two pieces of chicken with three pieces of shrimps and a medley of vegetables in lemon/butter sauce and a side of saffron rice. The chicken could have been a bit more tender but the sauce was dee-vine. As for the rice, it was good but they’re not fooling me – I know Goya when I taste it!

I love that the lemon butter sauce was so good an that they have so many options. I wish that their sandwiches were more bite friendly.

With great flavoring but questionable preparation methods Figaro Bistro is kinda DELICIOUS!


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