Your three biggest beauty mistakes

8 Nov

I’m a firm believer in simplicity. Less is often more and most times the biggest mistakes we make are simply because we ignored basic details. Here are the three biggest beauty faux-pas too many people commit:

Hydration is key for healthy skin and hair

Failure to moisturize:If I only learned one thing from biology class it was how crucial nourishment is for any life form to  stay alive and grow. If you want strong nails, shiny hair, or glowing skin you MUST start by keeping them hydrated. This is as simple as drinking plenty of water and using conditioners and lotions that promote moisture.

Something tells me using the same dye as her BFF just doesn’t work

Blindly following your friends: The next time your friend insists this “magical product: will make your hair grow proceed with caution. A number of factors contribute to why our bodies react a certain way – genetics, diet, lifestyle, etc. Figure out why that product may have worked for them, and whether or not it’ll work with your genetics and lifestyle or against them.

Half of life’s problems can be avoided by following directions

Ignoring labels: Most products come with specific instructions – “leave in 20 minutes and rinse” or “use only on saturated wet hair”. They give you these instructions for a reason – because this is how to get the best usage of their products. Follow the instructions the first two or three times you use a product, and tweak only if necessary.


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