90s kids rejoice! Boy Meets World sequel in the works

12 Nov

First Brandy and No Doubt make comebacks, MTV brings back House of Style and now Boy Meets World is set to return? Looks like the 90s is making a MAJOR comeback!

The Disney Channel announced plans earlier to bring back the show featuring a grown-up Cory and Topanga raising their teenage daughter. I guess Feeney had a bigger impact on the couple than we’d realized, as adult Corey is now a seventh-grade history teacher!!

It’s still unknown whether Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will return to reprise their roles, or if any of the other major characters such as Shawn, Eric or Angela will be in the updated version. While we’d LOVE to see the original Cory and Topanga back on the screen (look how great it was for Degrassi and 90210), here are a few other specifics the reprisal should borrow from this 90s classic:

Bring back Mr. Feeney!! We know he’s still acting, as he’s been on Grey’s Anatomy recently, and one of the greatest elements of the show was Feeney constantly returning as the gang’s personal lifelong teacher. He followed the group EVERYWHERE they went, from middle school to high school, and even college. Would they even know what to do without him? Maybe he can be the principal at Cory’s school or at the very least his photo will remain on the wall in Cory’s classroom.

An indirect life lesson teacher. He may have been the “sidekick” but I think more life lessons were taught through Shawn’s presence than any other character. Through his friendship with Cory, and various relationship struggles, Shawn taught us about the (dis)advantages of one’s looks, the role of a BFF, family values, what makes a family, “interracial” relationships, forgiveness, grieving, dating, loss, racism, and SOOO much more. This generation could use their own Shawn. A relatable, regular character who in one way or another goes through things that make us human.

Life in New York City. Even though the show was called Boy Meets World, he pretty much never left Philly. The show ended with the couple destined for New York and maybe this is where they settle down and start their family? Watching Philly-bred Mr. Matthews try to relate to and teach 13 year olds in 2013 New York would make for interesting TV on its own. Of course he can always take a short train ride to catch a Phillies game.

More Morgan!! Even though Cory had two siblings, the emphasis was always placed on Eric. Maybe in the reprisal, Morgan is a struggling artist “trying to make it” in New York and bumming off of Cory and Topanga in the meantime? She was always a bit weird. This character alone could provide the comic relief Eric gave and the important lessons Shawn provided.

Regardless of what consistencies will exist between the old Boy Meets World and it’s new version, it will be great to see this show brought back. Weekend reruns on MTV2 are great but we need more!


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