Delicious or Nutritious? Ayama Japanese Fusion Restaurant

14 Nov

1164 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10065
(212) 751-1818

Wanting sushi, but anxious to try something a little different, I ended up at Ayama Japanese Fusion Restaurant. Ayama’s selections allowed me to stay with the familiar but still get a taste of something new.

Mango roll

Eel is usually a go-to sushi roll meal for me, but I decided to spice this staple up just a bit with a Mango roll. Ayama’s mango roll is an eight-piece eel and avocado maki roll with slices of mango on top. All I could say was, “YUM!” I’m usually a bit wary of experimental sushi rolls and never would’ve thought mango and sushi would work but it did!

Salmon teriyaki with black rice

As an entrée I went with another one of my favorites – Salmon teriyaki. Instead of going for my usual brown rice I ventured into black rice. Their portions were great – two large pieces of salmon with lots of veggies, a side of rice, choosing black cost me an extra dollar, and a side salad. While the salmon was great, well cooked with the right amount of teriyaki sauce, the rice just didn’t impress me. It definitely had a different taste; perhaps it just wasn’t for me.

Fried ice cream – vanilla

My coworker convinced me to try Fried ice cream, so I went with vanilla. My initial thoughts on fried ice cream? WHY would you fry something that’s already bad for you? After tasting it I concluded that this idea is GENIUS! To prevent melting the ice cream is covered in tempura batter and only lightly fried, but by the time its delivered to you the ice cream inside melts JUST  a little bit. Nonetheless it’s still good!

I loved the diversity of their options. It made it east to try new things or stick with what you know. I wish I actually liked the black rice.

With it’s wide array of options encompassing fish, rice, and even fruit, Ayama was DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS!


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