Honey Help Me! Flower Power

21 Nov

A lot of celebs are fortunate enough to have stylists that make sure they’re always well dressed. Unfortunately, celebs also have too many yes-men – people who are afraid to tell them they’re making a bad decision.

Between stylists and yes-men sometimes Hollywood’s finest step out in looks that stun us. Other times they step out in looks that just scream, “Honey, Help Me!”

Fall floral is definitely in this season, and celebrities are not afraid of this trend – especially those in warmer climates. Lauren Conrad, Elisabeth Moss, Kaley Cuoco and Emma Roberts all tried the look last week, but where they floral dos or floral donts?

Reality star/Designer Lauren Conrad

Reality star turned fashion maven Lauren Conrad wore a mock-turtleneck A-line dress with nude pumps to the Hollywood Reporter beauty luncheon in Los Angeles. LC had the right idea pairing simple hair, makeup and shoes with the bright multi-colored print – anything else would be too distracting and busy.

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss

Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss tried for tough-girl chic in an all black shorts and booties look topped off with a Mulberry motorcycle jacket adorned with floral-print. Ummm. Yes all black can make your sloppily put together ensemble look chic, but the addition of tacky flowers makes it look like Grandma is trying to rediscover her inner bad girl. And if she’s wearing shorts why does she need a leather jacket? She would have been better off in all black pieces that go together, like more structured shorts or just a better jacket. Maybe the stars of Mad Men are deliberately trying to sabotage their personal wardrobes, to distance themselves from their well-dressed characters on the show.

Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco

While Elisabeth Moss is running around like an edgy old lady, Kaley Cuoco seems to have resurrected her kindergarten Easter dress for the People’s Choice Awards nominations announcements. This floral Asos dress is REALLY cute for a young child, but for an adult actress not so much. I’m CERTAIN there was a better option for the red carpet out there somewhere.

Celeste and Jesse Forever’s Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts donned a white cocktail dress with orange and green flower to an outdoor event in LA. Her accessories? Simple. Nude shoes, a tiny white and gold clutch and medium-length earrings. The reddish orange lip is probably the BEST complement to this dress, as it incorporates the colors in the dress and helps offset her pale complexion. Looks like ladies could take a lesson from the Celeste and Jesse Forever star “Keep it simple, stupid” style.

Floral prints are fun and give off a youthful vibe, but only when you wear them properly. Don’t try too hard to make the print make a lot of statements and keep the rest of your look simple to avoid an overly busy ensemble. Pay attention to the cut and style of the dress – if it looks like it was intended for someone 20 years younger or older it’s not for you.


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