Delicious or Nutritious? Wolf & Lamb Kosher Steakhouse

23 Nov

10 E 48th St
New York, NY
(212) 317-1950

Having special dietary needs can put a damper on your options, especially in Manhattan and especially on Seamless web. When ordering from Wolf & Lamb Kosher Steakhouse it was nice to see a variety of kosher options.

Salmon fettucine

Pasta is bad for me, even when it is kosher but their Salmon fettucine had spinach and asparagus generously dispersed throughout, so I’m confident this helped offset the bad calories I took in. The salmon was cooked perfectly, about medium and cut into three-bite perfect pieces. I’m pretty sure they used just butter in place of sauce but it was marvelous. This dish made about two or three servings and was pretty expensive, so I had room for just one side, a baked sweet potato.

Baked sweet potato

Prior to ordering from here, I’d never tried a Baked sweet potato, but it’s pretty much the same as a baked potato, just healthier.

I love that they make their options healthy, great tasting AND kosher. I wish that it was more affordable so I could have more!

Wolf & Lamb Kosher Steakhouse is DELICIOUS and NUTRICIOUS!


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