What to wear to this year’s holiday party

4 Dec

With so many places to go this month it can be hard to decide on an ensemble.  So what do you wear to this year’s Christmahanukwanzakah party? Read on for tips on dressing for each occasion.

Office party (in house)
Good for you! You’re getting free booze and catered food on the company dime, possibly even a little gift! The great thing about a party at the office is you don’t have to try too hard. Wear your regular office attire but add just a touch of sparkle with dangle earrings or a shiny necklace. If your office is more casual you can totally just wear red and green or blue and white and add a simple Santa hat or Kwanzaa kufi to show your “holiday spirit”.

"Vingtage style Swarovski crystal earrings"Etsy, $19.99

“Vingtage style Swarovski crystal earrings”
Etsy, $19.99

Office party (outside venue)
Go all out! Get a cocktail dress in chic black, red or a nice jewel tone. Pair it with pretty shoes, preferably satin and peep-toe and the gorgeous grown up jewelry too fancy to go anywhere you frequent on a regular basis. This is also your chance to flirt with a few fashion rules that are normally a no-no in the office like sweetheart cuts and cocktail lengths – but don’t go too far.


“Solid peplum dress”
Delia’s, $29.50

Dinner party with friends
Best thing about a party with hosted by your friends? The rules are there are no rules. This is just an excuse for your group to dress to the nines and have a good time. Go super-short, show a bit of skin and  bring on the bling!

"Embellished party dress" Asos, $83.55

“Embellished party dress”
Asos, $83.55

Family dinner 
Family gatherings are the best place to go casual. Take a simple outfit like a nice top and jeans and just add a few festive accessories. If the gathering is more formal stick to a cocktail dress but do experiment with holiday textures such as satin and velvet.


"Jeweled t-shirt"Mango, $49.99

“Jeweled t-shirt”
Mango, $49.99


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