Delicious or Nutritious? Outback Steakhouse

12 Dec


919 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10022

After the previous night’s fail, I decided I deserved a treat, so I tried Outback Steakhouse. I’d been hesitant to try the restaurant since they’re expensive and always seem to have a 75-90 minute estimated delivery time. Despite the 75-90 minute wait they estimated when I ordered, I only waited 30 minutes for my food to arrive – score! Such an expensive restaurant meant I could only have one meal and fit within my $40 budget. I went with the Lobster tails, steamed with two sides of my choice, for $29.99.

Lobster tails with seasoned rice and steamed broccoli

Lobster tails with seasoned rice and steamed broccoli

Having never had lobster tails before, my first though when opening up the foil was ‘Gasp! Sebastian!!!” Adding the melted butter and lemon probably gave it a few more calories than I need but it was worth every extra minute on the elliptical. For my two sides I decided to go with healthier options – fresh steamed broccoli and seasoned rice.

The broccoli was steamed PERFECTLY, soft enough to bit without losing it’s crunch. The rice was well seasoned with red and green peppers but I think I knew that taste already – Goya? I can’t have my rice dry so I sprinkled some of the melted butter over it, that did the trick.

Outback will let you get a piece of bread with butter, complimentary of course, and I suggest you take it! The multi-grain bread came nice and toasty, and was the perfect tiny addition to ensure my meal kept me full!

I love that the food was warm and flavorful. I wish that they didn’t try to serve me boxed rice.

With it’s filling portions, and great seasonings Outback Steakhouse is DELICIOUS and, if you choose right, NUTRITIOUS!


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