Delicious or Nutritious? Sushi Time

26 Dec
Tuna roll (brown rice)

Tuna roll (brown rice)

In fear of getting a meal I didn’t like, I went ahead and started off with a Tuna roll in brown rice. Excellent. My satisfaction with this Japanese go-to,  helped ease my disappointment on the next portion of my meal.

Soft shell crab

Soft shell crab

I was extremely impressed by my first taste of Soft shell crab, so I figured I’d try again. Eeekh. The definitely tricked me by giving me two small crab legs, two sweet potatoes?, two fried green veggies with a side of chips. So instead of soft shell crab I really just had a tempura medley. Not impressed.

Teriyaki bento box, salmon

Teriyaki bento box (salmon)

Their Teriyaki bento box came with salmon, rice (I subbed brown for an extra dollar), shumai and my choice of sushi roll – I went with salmon avocado. The salmon and acovado didn’t quite go together like eel and avocado but it was still pretty decent. Their salmon teriyaki was really good. A nice sized portion and enough teriyaki sauce to drizzle over my brown rice.

I love that the portions were so generous, and that brown rice is an option. I wish that they’d done a better job with their soft shell crab.

With brown rice options and an attempt to add veggies to a fried delicacy, Sushi Time is generally DELICIOUS and somewhat NUTRITIOUS.


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