6 midseason premieres to check for this month

7 Jan

Sadly, some of the TV shows we started out with in September just didn’t make the cut (RIP 666 Park Avenue 😦 and farewell Gossip Girl). As sad as we may be to see these shows go, networks are prepared with a few new treats to keep us entertained. Here are the five new shows worth checking out this month.

NBC’s new drama reunites Jumping the Broom co-starts Meagan Good and Laz Alonso for a grown up version of Veronica Mars meets Pretty Little Liars with just a dash of Scandal. In this new show, Detective Joanna Locasto (Good) goes undercover to investigate the death of her best friend, a notorious socialite from one of America’s wealthiest families. (Mondays at 10pm on NBC; premieres tonight)

Washington Heights
Every culture has embarrassing secrets they hope others don’t find out about, but nonetheless what is done in the dark will soon come to light. The Italians had Jersey Shore (RIP), the hillbillies have Buckwild, and even the Amish have Amish Mafia. Alas, the Dominicans now have their own reality show highlighting neighborhood kids making young adult mistakes – Washington Heights. As evidenced by previous reality shows which zero in on a specific neighborhood and ethnic group, this show will either fail horribly before it completes a full season, or or undo all the hardwork these kids’ grandparents did to eradicate negative stereotypes. (Wednesdays at 10pm on MTV; premieres Jan 9)


MTV’s Washington Heights

The Carrie Diaries
With Gossip Girl officially off the air, young fashionistas need a new idol to guide their style. Here comes CW’s The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex and the City, which picks up in 1984 when 16 year-old Carrie Bradshaw (Anna Sophia Robb) arrives in New York City after her mother has passed. While it’ll be cool to see what Carrie Bradshaw was like before her column for the fictitious New York Star, there are a number of inconsistencies already present and it might be tough for writers to explain why, if she had ANY dating experience at the age of 16, she was still making basic dating mistakes at 35. (Mondays at 8pm on The CW; premieres Jan 14)

Real Husbands of Hollywood and 2nd Generation Wayans
Perhaps BET is taking Sheila Johnson’s comments about the station’s current direction seriously, and this is part of their attempt to please the co-founder. Real Husbands of Hollywood stars Robin Thicke, Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon and more in the “fakest reality show ever”, while the scripted 2nd Generation Wayans pokes fun at what it’s like to come from America’s largest comedy family. With Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) as their assistant, 2nd generation Wayans Damien Dante and Craig, along with honorary Wayans George Gore III (My Wife and Kids) struggle to emerge from the long shadows of their aunts and uncles . (Tuesdays at 10pm and 10:30pm on BET; premieres Jan 15)


BET’s 2nd Generation Wayans

The Americans
This period drama focuses on the complex marriage of two KGB spies (Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) posing as Americans in suburban Washington DC shortly after Ronald Reagan is elected President during the Cold-war. Tensions heighten upon the arrival of a new neighbor, an FBI agent working in counter intelligence. (Wednesdays at 10pm on FX; premieres Jan 30)


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