5 Albums worth a listen this year

9 Jan

In addition to a slew of new shows this year, 2013 also has a variety of new music in store. From a female rapper that can finally rival Nicki Minaj to a posthumous cross-over album, here are five albums worth a listen this year:

Azealia Banks
Broke with Expensive Taste, 2/12?

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Even though the rapper has gotten a lot more attention lately for her Twitter feuds than music, Azealia Banks’ debut album Broke with Expensive Taste was scheduled for release on February 12. After her Twitter feud with Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton it’s rumored that Interscope Records won’t be releasing her LP. Will Banks clear up her act in time to push out this album?

Matangi, 4/15



M.I.A.’s “bad girl” reputation may have caused her album to get pushed back. Although she thought she’d finished Matangi, the album she named after herself, a few months ago, Interscope pushed its release back, saying it was “too positive” and didn’t match her public image. The new album is currently slated for an April release on the Tamil New Year. Maybe she consulted label-mate Azealia Banks for more edge?

Katy Perry
TBD, Summer 2013
If Mary J. Blige’s My Life and Adele’s 21 are ANY indication of what a heartbreak does for the music world I am ALL HERE for Katy Perry’s newest album. Perry has already admitted that her music style is changing branding it as “dark”. Could the new album contain this generations “You Oughta Know”?

TBD, 2013



Produced by No I.D, Slim Shady’s latest project includes old friends Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. Fellow rapper Royce Da 5’9 has stated that he’s unsure of “how the world is going to respond” to the material. Eminem is another artist who’s no stranger to letting his personal life influence his art, could something drastic have happened during his lengthy hiatus to cause his music to take a new turn?

Jenni Rivera
TBD, 2013
Mexican music mourned the loss of one of it’s brightest stars a few weeks ago when a fatal plane accident took the life of Grupero singer Jenni Rivera. In addition to her last release La Misma Gran Senora, fans will have another opportunity to hear new music from the late singer when her family releases her English-language pop album later this year. The album features songs that were recorded in 2004 but held for unknown reasons. Outside of the attention it’ll get because of her recent death, will the album itself prove that we’d still love Jenni when singing in English?


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