Fiesta’s Finds: Essie ‘Sleek sticks’ Winter 2013 collection

10 Jan

I’ve never been big on nail art, if you don’t do it right it can look very childish and tacky, but I must admit that recently I’m becoming more intrigued this beauty phenomenon.

Besides the high risk of looking cheap? It’s difficult. I’m constantly amazed at women who manage to create well crafted designs on all ten fingers. How do they do it?

Insert a simple solution – Sleek sticks courtesy of Essie. Though they’re not the first to create nail stickers in pretty designs, this is the first time I’ve actually considered using stickers instead of an actual polish.


Essie ‘Sleek sticks’
Winter 2013

The application process is simple: Place stickers on clean nails,  smooth out air bubbles then file away the excess paper and voila! You’ve got a cool mani that lasts about 10 days.

All the designs look great, but I can’t wait to try “love to love you” and “over the moon”.


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