New Destiny’s Child album out January 29!

10 Jan

I don’t care WHAT the Chinese calendar says – 2013 is the Year of Beyonce.

First she was selected to perform at the halftime for the SuperBowl and inked a new deal with Pepsi. Then we learn about her HBO documentary set to air in February. She lands a cover on Vogue as well as this racy GQ February cover as one of the sexiest women of the 21st century and now, clutch the pearls, DESTINY’S CHILD IS BACK!

BaddieBey revealed the news on her Tumblr page with the statement “I am proud to announce the first original Destiny’s Child music in eight years!” with the following photo attached.

Destiny’s Child’s new album Love Songs will be available January 29th, but can be pre-ordered through Amazon today.

Rumors swirled a few years ago that the group, comprised of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, still owed their label a new album. Maybe this item is just to satisfy that obligation or could the trio really be interested in continuing to make music? Either way I know the inner 7th grader of every 20 something woman is lighting up right now.

Love Songs is a compilation of Destiny’s Child songs from previous albums, but includes one new track titled “Nuclear”.

Check out the complete track listing below:

1) Cater 2 U (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
2) Killing Time (1998 – Destiny’s Child)
3) Second Nature (1998 – Destiny’s Child)
4) Heaven (2002 – Simply Deep)
5) Now That She’s Gone (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
6) Brown Eyes (2001 – Survivor)
7) If (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
8) Emotion (2001 – Survivor)
9) If You Leave (featuring Next) (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
10) T­-Shirt (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
11) Temptation (1999 – The Writing’s On The Wall)
12) Say My Name (Timbaland remix) (2002 – This Is The Remix)
13) Love (2004 – Destiny Fulfilled)
14) Nuclear (2013 – Destiny’s Child – Love Songs)


3 Responses to “New Destiny’s Child album out January 29!”

  1. LaToya January 10, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    YAAAASSS! This is the best news I’ve gotten all day!

  2. LaToya January 10, 2013 at 12:55 pm #

    1. “Cater 2 U” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
    2. “Killing Time” (“Destiny’s Child” (1998))
    3. “Second Nature” (“Destiny’s Child” (1998))
    4. “Heaven” (“Simply Deep” (2002))
    5. “Now That She’s Gone” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
    6.”Brown Eyes” (“Survivor” (2001))
    7. “If” ( “Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
    8. “Emotion” (“Survivor” (2001))
    9. “If You Leave (featuring Next)” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
    10. “T-Shirt” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
    11. “Temptation” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
    12. “Say My Name” (Timbaland remix) (“This Is The Remix” (2002))
    13. “Love” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
    14. “Nuclear” (“Destiny’s Child – Love Songs” (2013))

    Just found the track listing…I’m interesting in hearing this “Nuclear” track..seems to be the only “new’ tune.


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