Delicious or Nutritious? Keats Restaurant

16 Jan

Eating the same thing over and over again can get pretty boring pretty fast, so I ventured into Keats Restaurant for something new yet affordable. I was delighted to find that my $40 meant two hearty meals and a nice dessert.

Salmon sandwich with Keats house fries

Salmon sandwich with Keats house fries

Having never had salmon in sandwich form, I decided to try their Grilled salmon wrap with Keats house fries. The first surprise was that their “fries” were actually potato chips. The second? The salmon wrap was AMAZING! Adding a little balsamic vinaigrette helped bring more flavor to the already succulent chunks of salmon. I would so order this again.

Although a little less adventuresome, their Penne alla vodka was still really good. It wasn’t swimming in sauce as pasta dishes often are, but this had just enough. They also let me add chicken for an additional $2. Much to my surprise their side salad was actually a meal all on it’s own. Loved it!!

Homemade chocolate cake

Homemade chocolate cake

Their Homemade cake of the week was either chocolate, carrot, or cheese – I went with the former. Even though it was really good it was way too rich for that large of a slice.

I loved that everything was moderately. I wish that they didn’t deceive me by calling chips “fries”.

With it’s juicy salmon and rich dessert, Keats Restaurant is DELICIOUS!


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