4 double-duty beauty products to keep in your gym bag

17 Jan
Missing something?

Missing something?

What  screws up your day more than getting to the gym and realizing you left something necessary at home? Always keep these double-duty travel size items handy in your gym bag to cover your pampering basics.

Baby powder

Johnson's baby powder$2.99, drugstores

Johnson’s baby powder
$2.99, drugstores

Add this magic little wonder to your  parts that are most susceptible to sweat like the lower back and inner thighs. Baby powder also doubles as deodorant and triples as a dry shampoo.

Cocoa butter

Palmer's cocoa butter$5.99, drugstores

Palmer’s cocoa butter
$5.99, drugstores

A small jar of cocoa butter can help relieve dryness in esp rough areas or treat chapped lips in the absence of chapstick. Vaseline will do the trick as well.


Garnier Fructis conditioner$3.99, drugstores

Garnier Fructis conditioner
$3.99, drugstores

Even if you don’t shampoo each time you workout running a little conditioner through your hair may be a good idea. Ran out of shaving cream? Just use conditioner instead!

Baby wipes

Johnson's baby wipes

Johnson’s baby wipes

If you’re brave enough to leave the gym without a full shower you can AT LEAST take a swipe at the important parts to prevent funk and, eww!, bacteria. These wipes also come in handy if you need to remove a little makeup.


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