4 more years of FLOTUS fashion

23 Jan

As eager as we all are to see what President Obama will do for our country this term, I’m equally as eager to see what the first lady will do with her style this time around.

We haven’t seen a first lady quite this stylish since Jacqueline Kennedy, and its refreshing to see Michelle Obama breath new life into the White House wardrobe. Here are just a few of the reasons to admire FLOTUS’ style:

She’s everyday chic

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Why do people feel they only need to look presentable when going somewhere special? The First Lady shows us you can be chic with minimal effort even in your casual attire.

She appreciates color

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In a world dominated by drab, dark colored pantsuits, Michelle Obama dares to draw attention to herself in bright hues.

She wears affordable clothing

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Too many people go broke trying to look rich. Even though she’s wealthier than the average American, Michelle Obama isn’t obsessed with  wearing her entire savings account. Yes she wears high end designers like Jason Wu and Narciso Rodriguez but she also integrates cute pieces from mass retailers like H&M. If JCPenney is good enough for the first lady, it’s good enough for me!

She believes in hand-me downs

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Repurposing outfits isn’t the only pocket-friendly way to get the best use of your wardrobe, when something no longer fits you pass it on to someone who can wear it. If the first family can wear hand-me-downs so can the rest of us.

She inspires trends

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JCrew sold out of the coats Sasha and Malia wore to the first inauguration in days, some of Michelle’s favorite brands are making collections for mass retailers, and pearls are all of a sudden cool instead of matronly. The fashion trends of the last four years are just as influenced by the Obamas as they are any rockstar. Where do you think Nicki Minaj really got the idea for a pink dress and pink blazer?

She gives lesser known designers a chance

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Part of her fashion influence has been serving as a platform for lesser known designers to get their name out there. Be honest, how many people heard of Duro Oluwu or Naeem Khan before FLOTUS integrated their pieces into her wardrobe?


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