Dealing with dandruff: three products you need to use

31 Jan

Is anything more embarrassing than trying to conceal 1,000 tiny white flakes as they fall from your head? Try any, or all of these products to help combat an itchy, dry scalp.

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Before shampooing, heat up this oil, apply it to your scalp and lock in with either a hot towel or plastic cap. Leave in for 30 minutes and then wash. Continue this procedure and overtime you’ll notice fewer flakes.

Head & Shoulders shampoo

Head and Shoulders "Dry Scalp Care"

Head and Shoulders “Dry Scalp Care”

This simple drugstore brand works WONDERS. Use it each time you shampoo or rotate with a hydrating shampoo to keep your scalp moisturized and flake-free.

Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine

Jane Carter "Nourish and Shine"

Jane Carter “Nourish and Shine”

Rub just a dab of this magic potion on your scalp and watch flakes fade away – literally. This pomade not only helps moisturize your scalp to prevent flakes but helps mask pop up flakes. Don’t go overboard, remember – a little dab will do ya!


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