FINALLY! Harlem residents respond to the new ‘Harlem Shake’

20 Feb

A few weeks ago the latest pop culture phenomenon hit YouTube. Move over planking, Gangnam Style, and “Call Me Maybe” there’s a new crazy phenom that everyone and their Grandpa has to video themselves performing and share for the world to see and it’s called “The Harlem Shake”.

If you’re like me, upon hearing of a “new” dance called the Harlem Shake you went huh? Didn’t Eve and Diddy do that dance in 2001? Then you watch the video which features an instigator breaking out in a humping dance in a room full of seemingly unaware people. After a few seconds, the rest of the people have joined him, humping each other or dancing like they’re having a seizure, with at least one person in full costume. Even though most of these videos are entertaining, and I’m sure fun to make, why is this called the “Harlem Shake”?

Listen closely to the song, recorded by DJ and Producer Baauer, and amidst the catchy beat, which samples 2001’s “Miller Time”, you’ll hear a request to “then do the Harlem Shake”, hence the title of the song and thus these videos. My question now, how come none of these people are actually doing the Harlem Shake?

This craze has gotten widespread attention and now apparently, has been seen in its holyland – Harlem, USA. So what do Harlemites have to say about the dance craze? Someone showed the videos to people on 125th st –  check out their response in the video below:

To sum up the general feelings of those asked, these videos are ‘Just a bunch of idiots’ making a mockery of “a dance art form that doesn’t have the respect it deserves”.  Sounds like their feelings on the people taking over the neighborhood and those taking over the name “Harlem Shake” are one and the same.


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