Delicious or Nutritious? New York Thai Grill

21 Feb


37 W 54th St
New York, NY 10019

My craving for Thai food led me to order from New York Thai Grill. I should’ve known from the fact that it was named “New York” and not something more Thai sounding that the meal might be inauthentic and overpriced.

Green curry (chicken)

Green curry (chicken)

In an initial attempt to avoid anything fried, I went with their Green curry (chicken) and opted for brown rice for an extra 50 cents. Usually Thai portion sizes are comparably generous but they actually brought my entree in a TUB. The curry was spiced PERFECTLY and came with ample veggies (YUM!)! My only problem was that there wasn’t enough chicken! It was almost a vegetarian meal. They also forgot about my brown rice – so I had to have white. 😦 On to the Soft shell crab!

Soft shell crab

Soft shell crab

I’be tried soft shell crab twice, the first time it was MAGNIFICENT, the second, a huge let down. When I saw that they had two options – salt and pepper or basil, I went with the former hoping to be impressed again. I wasn’t. It was over-fried and had way too much salt. This meal was definitely not worth my $16.95.

I love that their delivery was so speedy and brown rice is an option, on the menu at least, without additional charge. I wish that their portion sizes were more appropriate and they remembered to bring out brown rice.

With it’s over-salted fish and minimal servings of chicken, New York Thai Grill can be a little DELICIOUS and definitely not NUTRITIOUS!


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