Help! I… can’t wear fake jewelry!!

12 Mar

Let’s be real – accessories make the outfit. No one looks fab in just a pretty dress – shoes and jewels really bring an ensemble together. But what if your accessory choices are limited because you can’t wear faux metals cause marks on your skin the real deal leaves a dent in your wallet? Try these simple wardrobe adjustments to add flavor to an outfit without sacrificing your skin.

Clear nail polish

How can clear nail polish make or break your outfit? Dab a little on your faux silver or gold earrings to avoid the irritation and scarring they might otherwise cause.

Mix prints

You don’t have to rely on jewelry to add the za-za-zhou to your ensemble, let your clothes speak for themselves. Make prints a regular part of your wardrobe and even go as far as to mix them head to toe. Just make sure to keep different prints in the same color category to keep the look together.

Play with color

Black dress, black bag, black shoes – monochrome is simple and dresses up well with a few metal accessories, but if you can’t wear fine jewelry stay away from the monochrome. Create outfits that utilize complementary and contrasting colors. This floral dress with bright shoes keeps your outfit fun so you don’t need extra accessories.


2 Responses to “Help! I… can’t wear fake jewelry!!”


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