5 questions for Lifetime’s ‘Preachers’ Daughters’

13 Mar
Preachers' Daughters: Kolby Koloff, Olivia Perry, Taylor Coleman

Preachers’ Daughters: Kolby Koloff, Olivia Perry  and Taylor Coleman

Jesus wept.

The latest in reality shows has emerged in Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters. Premiering last night, this series shines a light on what it’s like to be the daughter of a preacher – the good, the bad and particularly, the ugly. After viewing the first episode we’ve learned that apparently preacher’s only have daughters and their entire lives revolve around sex, but there are a few questions we need answered based on the premiere:

1. Who signed off on this?
Reality shows about children are a horrible idea because well, children do idiotic things that they spend their adult lives trying to forget about. So why would anyone want all their teenage mistakes broadcast to the country? As teens don’t their parents have to consent for this to be aired? Why, as a parent and preacher would you be comfortable with America watching your baby girl engage in activity you’d never approve of?

2. Mr. and Mrs. Perry WHERE and WHEN did you go wrong?

Olivia Perry with baby

Olivia Perry with baby

Olivia Perry is the youngest of three daughters and apparently the only one who never listened to sermon. Her elder sisters seem to be doing well, one admitted that she tried marijuana but seems otherwise on the straight and narrow, but Olivia has had her bouts with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity – and has a young baby to prove it. If the older sisters seem so well adjusted what did they miss with this one? Did they exhaust all their energy the first two times and throw in the towel for Olivia?

3. Taylor, where are your REAL friends?

Taylor Coleman is 'bout that life

Taylor Coleman is ’bout that life

We all had that friend in high school who was a bad influence, or that one bad boy boyfriend – but that seems to be ALL Taylor Coleman has in her life. When she sneaks out of the house and tells her friends she didn’t have permission they just laugh – no one even questions the consequences she’ll face. One friend shares that she wants to be a stripper – newsflash: a stripper is something you become, not something you aspire to young lady, and the ex-boyfriend she fawns over gets high and doesn’t respect the ONE moral Taylor seems to have – abstaining from sex until marriage. This girl needs a positive peer influence.

4. No son for a preacher man?
Maybe preacher sperm is pre-destined to produce only precious little girls, but how come all the preachers’ kids are girls – even the main daughters’ siblings? Given the ladies affinity to bad behavior, there’s much talk that this show may help open dialogue between parents and kids or that it goes to prove preachers’ kids are “just like everybody else” but doesn’t that mean preachers’ sons can be a handful too? The almost exclusively female cast further promotes notions that women are to be held accountable for reckless behavior, while men can do no wrong.

5. Do preachers kids do anything but have sex?
Olivia is a teen mom, Taylor aspires to star in porn and Kolby is as curious as any 16 year-old. The scenes Lifetime has shared of what we can expect include sneaking out to see boys and ducking into hotel rooms. There’s much more to being bad than having pre-marital sex at a young age – why is this the only thing we see? Do they lie, cheat, curse or exhibit any other unfavorable behavior?

Reality TV shows, particularly those centered around women, seem to always cast a negative light and according to the previews we may not think too highly of these young ladies as the season progresses. Let’s just hope Preachers’ Daughters shows us that these young ladies are like any other teens – they try drugs and learn about sex, but have fun with their girls and love their families as well.


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