American Idol’s ratings are dropping and here’s why

27 Mar

Though American Idol‘s ratings have experienced a drop each year, they experienced a severe low last week. Last Thursday night’s episode was down 50% from the show’s Thursday night premiere with ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy beating Idol for the top spot, and Scandal coming dangerously close to tying the reality competition show!

So just why are the ratings down? It could be the popularity of competing shows, or Idol might have some room for improvement. Let’s discuss where Idol may have dropped the ball:

American Idol Season 12 JudgesNicki Minaj as a host? This plan to draw in more viewers backfired. Sure she’s had a handful of popular singles, but the rapper/singer is not an industry veteran. Unlike her co-judges who have been around much longer she hasn’t proved she knows what it takes to sustain a long and respectable career. How can she coach someone to a level of success she hasn’t attained?

Despite not having the credentials to back her up Nicki continues the smack talk. When she’s happy with a contestant she awkwardly gushes over them in a weird, attention seeking way, but when she’s less than pleased the forced claws come out. No doubt she’s determined to be the new Simon – frank and controversial – but it seems like she’s trying too hard to make herself that way. Each time she makes outlandish and long winded comments on a performance one can’t help but wonder is that what she’s thinking or did she just devise a quick monologue she thought might make her trend on Twitter?

American Idol Season 12 Top 10Luckily for Minaj she’s got plenty of opportunities to degrade aspiring pop stars as this year’s contestants have not represented the creme de la creme of undiscovered talent. Why is that? Perhaps because the show decided that instead of just inviting interested singers to audition they would allow people to enter their shy friends and family for a position on the show. Why is this a problem? Remember when someone would audition, sing beautifully and Simon would give them a flat out “No” and explaining that they just didn’t have what it takes to be the next American Idol? That’s because he knew then and there what was missing – star quality. The star quality that it takes to transition your career from one brand to another, to keep it together when critics slam creative risks, or to force the world to stop and stare when you perform. Does someone who’s too intimidated to audition on their own have the star quality needed to command attention? I highly doubt it. Season 12’s contestants still have a lot of talent but you don’t see much of that star quality and relatable character when you tune in each week.

What’s done is done, at this point Idol can only move forward with the decisions they’ve made, praying for a strong second half of this season and brainstorming ideas to avoid a stronger decline during season 13. Have you already given up on Idol or will you still be watching?


4 Responses to “American Idol’s ratings are dropping and here’s why”

  1. LaToya March 27, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    We’re still watching American Idol?

    That’s cute.

  2. mom March 27, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    The show needs an overhaul and the two divas are a joke! Seriously and its time for Randy to take a hike. I do not like the direction of the show AND for goodness sake the singers are just not good! There is two that I enjoy and after they sing, I switch the channel (both nights)!

    Thursday is the only night I watch television (Beauty and the Beast, Scandal and DVR Project Runway)!!! American What???? That’s still on………. Yeah!

  3. Candi May 9, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    The show lacks variety. It used to be entertaining but is now becoming a joke. Nicki Minaj is awkward to even watch. She annoys the hell outta me! Stop with the fake “baby talk”. Anyways besides that what’s up with all these old songs people can’t relate to? These girls are singing songs way beyond their years. If someone wants to do an old song and bring it back, refresh it! Just like when David Cook brought back Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”. Make it your own!!! Still waiting for someone to sing “Unchained Melody”. LeeAnn Rimes I think out-did Elvis Presley on that one! It’s all about taking chances and believing in yourself, that’s an American Idol to me!


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