Beyonce embraces her past but lives for now in new Pepsi Ad

4 Apr

Yesterday Beyonce mysteriously released a brief teaser for her latest project. In six seconds Bey showed us another all black edgy, pants-free ensemble, the futuristic glove from the “Single Ladies” video and half a soundbyte of what seems like a dope beat.


Today King Bey’s camp dropped her new Pepsi Ad which featured her single “Grown Woman”.  In the minute long ad, Bey takes a Pepsi break from a lone rehearsal and upon  staring into a mirror  sees images of her previous selves. From Bootylicious, to Crazy in Love and Single Ladies, Beyonce views and even competes with a number of her former selves while dancing to the new song.

After  the dance off , the singer finishes her moves and shatters all of her old  reflections in a Michael Jackson-esque open-armed move. Realizing the new King Bey has won, her voice-over ends the commercial with the line “Embrace your past, but live for now”.


3 Responses to “Beyonce embraces her past but lives for now in new Pepsi Ad”


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