The new neutrals

10 Apr

You’re probably used to hearing “Black goes with everything!” when asking for an opinion of what to wear. If black is too dark for the occasion, people will either tell you to go with white or a flesh tone  but behold – there’s some NEW neutrals in town!!

You can still use black as your go-to, but here are four fun shades that work just as well to neutralize an ensemble.


RED  is so bold it’s usually worn alone, but it works just as great with lots of other colors. Plat it safe with blue, colorblock with pink or be EXTRA fierce with leopard print.


Perhaps the most daring of them all, leopard print can either make a full on statement as a dress or coat or add a subtle touch of sex appeal as an accessory. To be safe, pair it with black, and if you’re going for subtle pair with earthtones such as browns and forest greens.


Grey   isn’t so much “new” as it is underutilized. It’s less predictable than black and not only can you wear it with your standard neutrals, you can mix it into a look to soften bolder hues.


Emerald green may be Pantone’s color of the year but navy blue always shines. Add it to monotone outfits as a pop of color or combine it with other primary colors yellow and red. Invest in a nice bag, shoe or jacket in any blue hue and you’ll be amazed at how many looks you can create!


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