Like it, Love it, GOTTA Have It!: Mango Summer ’13

19 Apr

You probably couldn’t tell just by looking outside lately, but we’re in the middle of spring, and summer will be here before we know it. Even though this spring wardrobe has barely been utilized I’m anxious to add a few new warm weather pieces.

Lucky for me, Mango’s Summer ’13 collection quite a few cute items. My budget doesn’t allow for me to buy the entire line, so i I have to make due with just three. Here are my top picks:

Like it

Mango, $59.99

Mango, $59.99

I live for printed pants, esp in light colors. They’re great for adding flavor to an outfit without jewelry and look great with basic tops and shoes.

Love it

Mangu, $39.99

Mangu, $39.99

Spring/summer nights means lots of outings, and you can’t wear the same thing twice on Instagram! This green number is a summer alternative to the classic LBD.

GOTTA have it!

Mango, $49.99

Mango, $49.99

Nobody can work a white dress like I can. Okay, maybe Gwyneth Paltrow, but still. I’d switch this up one day with blue shoes, and nude or gold on another.


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