Beyonce performs ‘Grown Woman’ in Paris during Mrs. Carter tour

24 Apr

Fans have been on edge since Beyonce teased, then debuted her latest commercial for Pepsi. The commercial features Beysus dancing off against previous versions of herself to a new tune, “Grown Woman” but we still have yet to hear the song in its entirety.


One fan, apparently wealthy enough to get closeup tickets to her show in Paris uploaded footage of King Bey performing the new track on stage during her Mrs. Carter tour.

Her performance of the much anticipated song features a multitude of dancers, including the African twins shown in her HBO documentary, a blindfolded dance sequence and choreography that appears to have a heavy West African influence.

The icing on the cake? Check out that outfit!!!


2 Responses to “Beyonce performs ‘Grown Woman’ in Paris during Mrs. Carter tour”


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