Does ‘Glee’ really deserve a fifth, and sixth, season?

16 May

Major networks spent the last few days hosting upfronts for the 2013-2014 season and after hearing short lived shows with potential such as The New Normal and Deception  just didn’t make the cut one can’t help but ask ‘All these shows got cancelled but they kept Glee?!’


Don’t get get it twisted, the show has it’s positives, but there are quite a few reasons why it shouldn’t be on the air:

1.  Glee still has countless inconsistencies. When the show was in it’s second season one of their critic’s issues with it was the inconsistencies from episode to episode. In one episode Santana professes that her powerful daddy could put a man out of business and just a few episodes later she is threatening a girl and proving her badassness since she’s from the projects. Huh? Why would your rich daddy have you living in the projects? This is just one of many inconsistencies that’s been featured in the series.

2. Keeping the relocated graduates on  is just weird. Graduating high school means leaving that experience in your past. Sure you can visit and see old friends when you’re home for the holidays, but why, if you’ve left town,  would your everyday life fit into theirs? Having Kurt and Rachel away at school in NYC, with their old frenemy pop up as an extra roommate is pretty unrelated to anything that happens with the current Glee club members. It’s too all over the place watching all those lives in one show. The grads need their own spinoff.

3. They try to tackle EVERY contemporary social issue… Bullying, LGBT acceptance and even catfishing? I get it – Glee is a family show that targets the youth and thus deals with issues currently affecting their lives, but this is  overkill. Its as though the writers literally comb E! News for what’s hot that week and work it into an upcoming episode. Tackling the issues of the day is important, especially since there aren’t enough outlets properly doing so for teens, but they don’t all have to be dealt with at once. Take a note from SVU – pick and choose your issues and slow them down.

4. …except the stereotypes they help perpetuate.  A hothead, slutty Latina? A gay guy who dresses well and succumbs to NO gender norms?  A hot, blonde captain of the cheerleading squad who is just plain evil? You’ve got to address a stereotype in order to tackle it but c’mon Glee! The show’s characters are all walking stereotypes. On some level it’s funny – we all get a good laugh watching Unique wear unflattering wigs like it’s natural or Brittany make “dumb blonde” statements, but sometimes the stereotypes that aren’t addressed, perhaps because they were created out of  ‘accidental prejudice’ instead of intentionally showcasing archetypes, are a bit more hurtful and obnoxious than entertaining. A black male thus athlete and delinquent who fathers a child before getting a HS diploma? Glee strives to send messages about acceptance, but should also be conscious of all the messages it send out.

After four seasons on air you’d think Glee would have their act together. They’d further develop the characters, smooth out each storyline and figure out when too much is just too much. How it continues to be picked up despite all its flaws is a mystery indeed, but perhaps it has to do with what Glee does get right. It hasn’t abandoned it’s key audience or mission in favor of views like many reality TV shows, and despite the goal of spewing messages of education and acceptance it isn’t as preachy as say a Tyler Perry film. They mix serious current issues with humor in a way that appeals to all age groups. This combination of hits and misses might be what keeps it on the air: it’s bad enough to be critiqued, but, apparently good enough to make the cut compared to the competition.


3 Responses to “Does ‘Glee’ really deserve a fifth, and sixth, season?”

  1. LaToya May 16, 2013 at 11:58 am #

    Glee has to go! I’m so over this show. I think the grads should have their own spinoff in NYC; I’d watch that. This circus act they throw up every week is confusing and just BAD television. I have more fun reading reviews that poke fun at the show than actually watching the show for enjoyment.


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